All About Appleton, Wisconsin

Any vacationers that are traveling to Appleton, Wisconsin will find that there are a plethora of things that they can engage in when they are making this their destination.

When it comes to tourism there is never a dull moment because people have the chance to get to know other Appleton natives by hanging out at Cleo’s Cocktail Lounge or the Fox River House.

People that are fans of tours can also sign up for the Social Station. This is a great way for people to engage in a fun event where they get a chance to explore downtown Appleton on a 15-seat megacycle.

Visitors that come to Wisconsin may also like to check out the Skyline Comedy Cafe. This is a great way to enjoy an evening if you are looking for laughs.

There are also people that come to Appleton to check out the Museum’s, and there are several that people can see if they’re looking for this type of activity during the day. lots of people also check out the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center because there are a plethora of shows throughout the year that come to Appleton.

Shopping is also fairly easy to do with the Fox River Mall and the premium outlets. People that are looking for novelty items may also consider the Blue Moon Emporium and the Frame Workshop of Appleton. There are also 3 spas and wellness centers and a host of restaurants that offer Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and Italian food choices.


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