The Hearthstone Historic House In Appleton, Wisconsin

The city of Appleton in Wisconsin had the world’s first house to use electric lights. The Hearthstone house had lights that were powered by a hydroelectric station that was centrally located, and it used the Edison System. The light system for the house started in September of 1882. Because the house played such an important role is the development of the history of the United States, it is now an historic museum. Located on West Prospect Street in Appleton, Wisconsin, the Hearthstone Historic House Museum still has the original wiring, and light fixtures. As beautiful as it is, as were others back at that time, it is difficult to imagine what it must have been like without the conveniences that we take for granted today.

The museum operates, and is open for visitors on a regular schedule, six days per week, closed on Mondays. If the schools in the city are closed due to inclement weather, so is the museum. Residents of Appleton find it easy to pass by the house without knowledge of it’s presence, or the history related to it. The ownership of the house changed hands several times. It was even a restaurant at one time in the early 1930’s. While visiting the museum, there are many hands on activities available for adults and children. The gift shop has merchandise based on the Victorian style of that era. It even has Victorian style games that the children will surely enjoy. The Hearthstone Historic House Museum is a must see when visiting Appleton, Wisconsin.

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