Before the Visit

1) Do I need to be home for the cleaning? 
No. However before cleaning begins a walk through with the technician is a good idea so that you can communicate all areas of concern. After the walk through its common for customers to go shopping, walk the dog or any other way to enjoy the day! This is why you hired a professional.

Some people enjoy having their home cleaned well they are at work. If this appeals to you, a walk-through of your home can be done the evening before the appointment so that the cleaning can be performed when you are away at work.

2) Will I need to move furniture? The choice is yours!
Small furniture such as chairs and end tables can be moved by our technicians.

Larger furniture can be cleaned around or moved by the homeowner before the cleaning appointment.

If you prefer to have large furniture moved for you then Customer First Carpet Cleaning will happily provide you this service. Moving large furniture will incur extra charges. When scheduling your cleaning please mention that you would like the “All Furniture” package so that extra time and technicians are scheduled for your cleaning project.

3) How long until my carpets will be dry enough to walk on?
Customer First Carpet Cleaning uses equipment with leading edge heat and moisture recovery which greatly reduces dry times. Typical carpets are dry within a few hours.

4) What about my pets?
Like you, we love our four legged friends. During the cleaning process the technician makes frequent trips in and out of the home. When the technician arrives it is best to locate your pets in a closed room until the cleaning is complete.

5) What payment methods do you accept? 
Cash, Checks, Visa, Master Card and American Express are all accepted.

6) I’m having a get together very soon and need my home cleaned right away! Can you help me? 
Yes! We can usually accommodate last minute cleaning requests including evenings and weekends.

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